First blue sky square.jpg
Buoy 1 and Buoy 2
Buoy 1 and Buoy 2
Waiting for Miles (angle view)
The Tenor in the Church
Bach + Bartok
Your Lights Are On
MF Horn
Dawn and Circumstance
Temporary Installation of Kindness, Openness, Awareness and Lightness
Menomonie (reverse)
Menomonie (detail)
 Caressed by the Moon  100" x 54" x 44"  aluminum, Imron paint
 Stars on the Wind  10'6" x 5' x 4'  aluminum, Imron paint
 Courage  104" x 30" x 30"  aluminum, Imron paint
Scaramouche (for Milhaud)
Firebird (for Stravinsky)
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